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Commercial Marketing

The one simple purpose for the entire company is about two things - the way we care for our people, our customers and the communities where we live; and the important role we play in the fabric of the society we live in, and its future.

Within British Gas, we - the commercial team - take ownership for caring for our customers and put them at the heart of everything we do. So much so, we've defined a new segmentation strategy to ensure that we attract and retain valuable customers with innovative and exciting products and services that meet their needs, as well as exceed their expectations, better than any of our competitors.

Whether it's through the customer segments, product development, customer relationship, brand and or retail marketing, the Commercial and Marketing team at British Gas are leading the way.

To give you a flavour, here are some of the big ticket items we've been up to recently:


We've defined a new segmentation strategy which we think will really set us apart from our competitors.


We aim to make British Gas the energy company of choice for UK tenants through embedding an in-depth understanding of the tenants' needs, transforming the way we interact with renters at all key touch points and bringing to market products and advice which anticipates and meets their needs through all stages of their lifecycle.


We look after our core customer base; we recognise that homeowner customers see their home as an investment and a central part of their world so we work to ensure we live up to our promise of "Looking after your world".


We recognise that landlords have very different needs to homeowners and tenants due to their relationship with the property. Landlords' main concerns are keeping their tenants happy, having a hassle-free experience and getting value for money. We are working hard to provide a genuinely hassle free customer experience, as well as developing a seamless multi channel experience leveraging digital journeys and a multi-skilled customer service team.


We are responsible for all communications to consumers and customers, across a multitude of different channels, from TV, press and radio to email and the bill. The team is divided into 3 broad areas, according to the purpose of the campaign or communication: differentiate the brand (Brand Marketing), sell our products (Retail Marketing) or build positive customer relationships (Customer Relationship Marketing).

Key to the success of our marketing is getting the balance right between art and science. It is based on consumer behaviour and clear insight into customer needs, motivations, emotions and actions. We need you and your knowledge and experience to ensure we can create integrated strategies and campaigns that pull different levels at different stages, (right message, right channel, right time) to deliver. Creative, effective marketing is what we are all about.

Product Development:

We are at the core of the development of new propositions and products that drive growth and attract and retain our customers within our core Energy, Services, Home Insurance and BGNE portfolios. This includes the integration of broader innovative British Gas technologies and products like Hive and Smart into our core products and/or channels. Our objective is to differentiate our offering vs. the competition, drive retention to enable British Gas premium positioning in the market.

There's a role for you

We need talented individuals like you with the drive and the ability to help us deliver. We've currently got a range of opportunities across our marketing channels and customer segments. So, whether it's product development, brand, retail or customer relationship marketing that's your interest, there's something at British Gas that's for you.

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