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Information Systems Apprenticeship

Our new two-year Information Systems (IS) Apprenticeship Programme offers you the chance to get a head start in your career by learning from the best in the business and picking up skills you simply can't get in the classroom.

Information Systems within the energy sector is an exciting place to be. The use of energy within homes and businesses in the UK is set to change beyond recognition over the next few years and British Gas will be a driving force. You could help to define the systems of the future, whether it’s enabling our customers to save energy, improving efficiency within our internal operations or ensuring the services we provide are enjoyed by all of our customers.

The programme

The apprenticeship programme incorporates blended learning, which means you'll complete formal training, engage in self-learning and also learn on the job from our industry experts. At the end of the programme you'll have gained:

  • A Level 4 Advanced Apprenticeship Diploma
  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award or the British Gas Award Programme (if you're over 25). Both awards comprise of voluntary and physical components as well as an expedition, so there'll never be a dull moment


This will be a challenging and rewarding experience for you and we're here to give you the support and development you need. As well as your line manager, you'll also be assigned a  buddy and talent manager at the start of the programme. And, of course, you'll have the rest of your apprentice colleagues to learn and have fun with.


We offer different specialisms within our IS Apprenticeship Programme. To find out more about each specialism we are offering this year click here.