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Meet Dean Boyle, Technical Gas Engineer!

12 December 2016 | Dean Boyle: Technical Gas Engineer

Read about why Dean decided that British Gas was the right career move for him.

When did you start with British Gas?

Originally started as an apprentice in 2002 & then rejoined in 2012 as a Technical Engineer

What did you do before you joined British Gas? 

Before I joined as an apprentice I worked in recruitment & did graphic design at college

How did you find out about the role with British Gas?

I applied for the apprenticeship after seeing an advert but a friend of mine contacted me about returning as a qualified engineer.

When I left British Gas I was 22 & at a different stage of my life, my priorities were different to what they are now and I did find the job quite challenging. An opportunity to go travelling came about so I decided to leave and do that. When I returned from travelling I spent some time working with my Dad as well as some other heating companies. I always wanted to return to British Gas even when I was working for one of the other large energy companies but had to wait until the opportunity arose. As soon as it did I applied.

What type of person would make a good Service & Repair Engineer?

You definitely need confidence to do this job and be open to change. Someone willing to work hard and always willing to help. I knew when I left British Gas I had made a mistake, it’s a great company to work for and they do look after you. Flexibility is also needed and an awareness of safety which is a key factor in the job. You do feel like you have a huge responsibility doing this work but you also have a good support network to help when required.

Tell us about your job

I’ll complete between 3-6 jobs a day depending on what they are. I really enjoy the promoting side of the role and giving the customer best advice about their appliances. You do receive reward for this but for me it’s more about helping the customer. I never get pushy with a customer about promoting products and if it isn’t needed then I don’t do it but the customer is paying for your expertise so I know it’s the right thing to do. 

What’s the best thing about working for British Gas?

The stability it offers. I can plan for my future and not worry, I know as I get older I’ll have the support of British Gas and this is a big positive for me. You also get great incentives working here like employee discount on products and services, paid holiday, pension scheme, share save scheme etc. When I was working with my Dad it was very much feast or famine! You could be really busy one moment and then quiet the next. Here at British Gas you don’t have to worry about that.  The work is always there & you don’t have to chase for it.

What advice would you give someone who wants to do your job?

It’s a great place to work and you do have a job for life. You do have to work hard, but that’s the nature of the trade.  You are rewarded for it though and during the summer you get the option to work a 3 day week if you want which means you get more family time or time to do other things.